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AdvantaClean Franchise Review: Meet Julie Dibbell


Since our founding in 1994, AdvantaClean has empowered dozens of entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through business ownership. The entrepreneurs that make up our over 200 locations across the country are running businesses that are designed to grow despite any downturns in the economy, and the vast majority of them did not have any significant experience in the restoration industry before deciding to franchise with AdvantaClean.

How a stay-at-home mom found success with the AdvantaClean franchise

This is very much the case with Julie Dibbell, who decided to go into business for herself after devoting several years to raising her two children. Supported by her husband, who plans to join her in the AdvantaClean business after it becomes more established, Dibbell opened her AdvantaClean franchise in Lake Norman, North Carolina, less than a year ago.

“As a stay-at-home mom, without any prior experience in the restoration industry, my husband and I felt that AdvantaClean would provide the background and the support we need to be successful,” Dibbell says. “It was also extremely important to us that whatever business I chose wasn’t going to preclude me from attending PTO meetings or school functions. The AdvantaClean business model still allows me to be there for my family.”

Dibbell maintains that the ultimate reason she chose AdvantaClean is the culture that Founder and CEO Jeff Dudan established as the guiding values for how the brand does business. AdvantaClean specializes in water damage, mold remediation, indoor air quality issues and more, so it essential to the success of our brand that our franchise owners have a true calling to serve those in crisis with integrity, honesty, compassion and respect.

“Jeff has created an extraordinary company and is truly a source of inspiration for the franchisees,” Dibbell says. “When we came in and met with them, the executive team had established a team environment and long-term vision for the brand that made us want to be a part of it. They know that their main goal is to help their franchisees find lasting success, and they really walk the walk.”

As Dibbell has experienced, AdvantaClean makes it easy for franchisees to get established in business quickly and keep ongoing costs low. Our new franchisees go through our 90-Day Success Plan®, which emphasizes financial awareness, and we work with you to develop a business plan and set goals to help you maximize your level of profitability. Additionally, we take care of your ongoing digital marketing efforts, which includes everything from building your website to managing lead-generation marketing strategies like Pay Per Click and SEO.

Most importantly, AdvantaClean offers a 24/7 call center that works to fulfills the duties and responsibilities of a typical office manager. Our call center team manages every customer interaction — from the initial request for services all the way to the follow-up call ensuring that the customer is satisfied with completed work. The value that our call center team adds directly affects our franchisees’ bottom line: last year, our call center added 25,000 booked appointments on behalf of our franchisees all across the country.

“The call center support is absolutely fantastic,” Dibbell says. “I’ve worked in several call centers in the past, and I can honestly say that the AdvantaClean call center is the best I’ve encountered. The knowledge and respect that they bring to customers are invaluable to me as a business owner.”

Now as Dibbell is working to grow her new AdvantaClean franchise, she has some sage advice as to what qualities entrepreneurs need to be successful in this industry:

“To be successful in this business, you have to want it,” Dibbell says. “You have to focus on the good and keep going, though if you have good people skills, it’s easy to make them understand why they need your services and make a sale.”

Ready to invest in an AdvantaClean franchise?

For in-depth details about the AdvantaClean franchise opportunity, request a copy of our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.


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