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Executive Team of AdvantaClean Franchise Shares Tips to Spot and Combat Mold Growth


There are few words that have as much power as the word “mold.” Even the thought of it causes most home and property owners to shudder, as mold can be difficult to detect, difficult to remove and dangerous to live with because of its negative impacts on health, especially to those with asthma or allergies. Unfortunately, mold is a common problem, especially in the path of heavy storms and hurricanes.

Leading water- and mold-damage restoration franchise offers advice to counter mold for Small Business Trends

To help small business owners detect and combat mold growth, Small Business Trends tapped Matt Phillips, President of AdvantaClean, to offer clear insight on making a plan of action when mold is discovered.

The first step that Phillips recommends, beyond calling a professional as soon as possible, is to keep “flood insurance current and the documents accessible.” Delays from insurance companies mean more time for mold to spread.

“A lot of businesses will keep their insurance documents in their buildings,” Phillips says in the article. “But if buildings flood, they probably can’t get the information they need. Then it becomes harder to get repairs or restoration services as quickly as possible.”

The next three steps to combat mold growth are to clean up leaks right away, install proper ventilation and monitor humidity levels. These are preventive measures that can be taken before mold becomes an issue: if you notice a leak, you need to locate the problem and address it immediately before the moisture fosters mold.

Once mold is found, Phillips warns against using bleach.

AdvantaClean Franchise

“A lot of people think they can just go after mold on their own using bleach,” Phillips tells Small Business Trends. “But bleach has water in it, so even if it kills some of the spores, it still adds moisture and lets the mold keep growing.”

The article goes on to recommend cordoning off the area and removing contaminated items to keep people from being affected. Phillips recommends taking employee complaints about mold seriously by taking action:

“As soon as an employee complains about mold, it’s very important that you encourage them to see a health care provider and then get an inspection and testing done in the building,” Phillips says in the article. “We’ve seen a lot of cases of employers that don’t respond right away and then run into legal issues.”

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