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Learn all about the Light environmental services industry

get a comprehensive breakdown of the industry & learn more about advantaclean


Download our Franchise Information Report, you'll learn all about:

  • The AdvantaClean brand and culture
  • How much money a typical AdvantaClean Franchise brings in
  • The Support AdvantaClean Franchise gives every Franchisee, This Includes:
    • Call Center that directs leads to you
    • Marketing Efforts for your Franchise
    • Proven Business Model to make you a leader in your community
    • 90 Day Success Plan
    • & More!

A0: Do Not Speak Any English

A1: Beginner

This is where you can use very simple expressions and talk about yourself in a basic way. You need the other person to talk slowly to understand.
A2: Elementary
If you have an elementary level, you can understand frequently used expressions and give basic personal information. You can talk about simple things on familiar topics.
B1: Intermediate
If you can deal with most situations when traveling, describe experiences and events, and give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans, then you have a B1 level.
B2: Upper Intermediate
This is where you feel comfortable in MOST situations. You can interact spontaneously and with a degree of fluency with native speakers, and people can understand you without too much difficulty.
C1: Advanced
This is where things are really flowing, and you don’t need to search for expressions. This is fluency. And… you can use language in a flexible way for social, academic, and professional purposes. 
C2: Proficient
If you have this level, you don’t need my help! This is where you understand virtually EVERYTHING you hear or read. You understand humor, subtle differences, and YOU speak very fluently.