How Much Money Can I Make?

The first question most potential franchise owners ask is, “How much money can I make?” AdvantaClean is in a lucrative $210 billion a year, recession-resistant restoration industry with the strong potential for establishing a high-margin business. Financial success is vital to every potential and current franchisee, which is why AdvantaClean works so hard on your behalf. Your success is our success. Our business model is founded on every aspect of a high-margin company, allowing our franchisees to thrive, even when the economy is at a low point.

Our Franchise Disclosure Document provides you with a completely transparent look into the performance of our current franchisees. We want you to fully understand where we stand now and your potential for the future. Our Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD, surveys 26 current franchisees and their profitability for an entire year.

Our top-third performing franchisees averaged yearly gross revenue of $276,850. The highest total annual sales reported by a single territory franchise was $757,000.

This astounding level of profitability is a result of hard work, ongoing support from our dedicated home office staff, and a proven business model.

With your low-cost investment, AdvantaClean opens a sound business model built on 25 years of experience. We offer our franchisees four $1 billion industries that are recession-resistant and high margin. But it's not just about the revenue. AdvantaClean cares deeply about the lives our services impact, and we imbue each owner with the love of and dedication to helping others. Everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home.
Investors are turning to AdvantaClean because we have over 200 locations open nationwide and are devoted to our both our franchisees and our customers.

For a look at how well our franchisees performed in one business year, examine Item 19 of the FDD.