Owning your own business and becoming your boss is a life-changing decision. When you're ready to make the change from working for someone to controlling your destiny, AdvantaClean is prepared to help you.

AdvantaClean has empowered various numbers of men and women to discover the power of owning their own business. From your first sign of interest to the day you sign the papers and join the AdvantaClean family, we are prepared, able, and delighted to help you realize your full potential and take that first giant step towards independence.


But why go with AdvantaClean? We operate in a $210 billion restoration industry that is recession- resistant with opportunities for high-margins. Our home office staff in Huntersville, NC is full of dedicated individuals with nothing but your success in mind. We have heavily invested in and created a sturdy and well-founded business model that is comprehensive, encompassing every aspect of a successful new company.

We offer a combined territory fee and  franchise fee of $69,950 and total investment range from $140,100 to $238,950. With our small franchise fee, you gain access to our wealth of knowledge on franchising, business ownership, and our service lines. With pre-opening, post-opening, and ongoing support, the AdvantaClean home office staff teaches you the business model, the service lines, and the path to success. AdvantaClean also supports our service members with a $5,000 discount off the territory fee for military veterans who seek ownership of and qualify for an AdvantaClean franchise.

What about financing?

To make the investment even more affordable, AdvantaClean provides financing of up to $25,000 to qualified candidates. These lending partners are often able to help you fund your venture.

Type of Expenditure Amount Method of Payment Time of Payment To Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee $69,950 Lump Sum Upon execution of Franchise Agreement Us
Supplies, Equipment and Inventory Packages $36,000 - $45,000 As Arranged Prior to Start of Training Us
Vehicle Purchase and Upfit Package $0 - $44,000 As Arranged Prior to Start of Training Approve Vendor
Real Estate and Security Deposits $1,500 - $5,000 Lump Sum At the signing of the lease Landlord
Technology Systems Package $0 - $3,000 As Incurred Prior to Start of Training Vendors
Local Advertising $2,500 - $5,000 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
Travel for Initial Training $250 - $2,500 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
Insurance Deposits $1,500 - $5,000 As Incurred As Incurred Insurance Companies
Licenses and Certifications $3,000 - $5,000 As Incurred As Incurred Us / Government Agencies and/or Vendors
Legal and Accounting Fees $500 - $2,000 As Incurred As Incurred Attorney and Accountant
Office Equipment, Furniture and Supplies $400 - $1,000 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
Additional Funds - 3 months $25,000 - $50,000 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
TOTAL $140,000 - $238,950      

If you're interested in taking the next step, please review Item 7 from our Franchise Disclosure Document. It will give you a better understanding of our costs and fees.