AdvantaClean support

When you franchise with AdvantaClean, you are in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself. You have the immense support of our national, industry-leading brand and our dedicated home office staff. We care deeply about the success of every franchise owner and furnish each franchisee with the help, knowledge, experience, and support they need to be successful in this $210 billion restoration industry. We have invested heavily in the infrastructure of our system and business model, meaning youtake advantage of our collective knowledge and 25-years of experience. We encourage our franchisees to thrive and prosper in every way, enabling you to realize your full potential.

Our proven business model has helped many of our franchisees with no experience in the water and mold industry become experts in the field and valued members of their community. When you sign the franchise agreement, you join the AdvantaClean family-the AdvantaClean nation-where membership is for life, and we welcome you with joyful, open arms. We do not require a particular skill set to own a franchise, only love of hard work, a philanthropic spirit, and determination to succeed.

The process of becoming a franchise owner is a fun and exciting journey, and as soon as you sign the franchise agreement, we pick up the pace, scheduling you for a 10-day training session at our home office in Huntersville, NC. There, you will learn not only how to perform our service lines, but also about our 90-Day Success Plan. The 90-Day Success Plan is a day-by-day guide on successfully opening your franchise in the first three months. You learn how to stay organized, obtain and retain customers, and sell our services.


Our unique 90-Day Success Plan enables you to achieve your goals, and by the time you open, you are ready for to perform our services, grow your network and customer base, and provide the best customer care in the industry that AdvantaClean is known for. The 90-Day Success Plan also focuses on the financial side of your company, helping you create the right business plans for your needs and goals while allowing you to maximize your profitability.


One of the ways AdvantaClean stands out from the pack is our ability to provide you with the highest level of continuing support. While you are in charge, you are never on your own. We are there for you in every way from pre-opening to post-opening and beyond. AdvantaClean supports you however you need even after your business is established.

Our call center is a shining example of how much AdvantaClean supports our franchisees. To help you stay organized, schedule appointments, manage your calendar, and keep payroll costs down, the AdvantaClean call center acts as your office manager. They are a group of highly-qualified individuals whose singular purpose is helping every franchise owner and every customer who calls in. Available 24/7, the call center is your offsite help to an easier run business so that you can focus on the work at hand. The call center is a significant boon to our franchisees, taking away stress and allowing you to allocate your time to your customers and work. Always working for you behind the scenes, the call center is a dependable department at the home office with the goal of making your work life run smoothly. Whether customers call in for their yearly dryer vent cleaning, or they call because of a massive flood in their home, every customer hears a calm, sympathetic voice and is given a shoulder to lean on in their time of need. The most critical role of the call center is converting customer inquiries into scheduled jobs on your calendar. Last year, our remarkable call center team took 200,000 calls on behalf of our franchise owners. 


Another way we provide support is through our world-class marketing department. They help run your marketing endeavors behind the scenes, providing your business with a solid customer base through inbound and outbound marketing, graphics, website pages, blogs, eBooks, and more. We understand most of our franchisees are not marketing experts, which is why we provide this fantastic in-house department for you to utilize. They also teach and guide you on how to market at the local level and how to use social media to increase your customer range through a positive online presence.